Well wishers

Recently I found out that the water at the orphanage where I’m working was to be cut off. They have one tap, which is fed from a pipe connected to a well some distance away. The water is metered, and is expensive because of the length of the pipe. The orphanage was in arrears to the tune of about NZ$380.

I was there when the lady from the Water Board arrived and I persuaded her to give the orphanage a week’s grace while I emailed friends in NZ to try to raise the money. Luckily she agreed.

I emailed lots of people – and some of them emailed other people – and in no time We had raised $780! I was able to go in to the Water Board yesterday to pay the bill and put the orphanage in credit.

Thank you so much to all who gave so generously. Your gift has made the world of difference to those children!

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