Upcoming blogs:

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to write anything. But I soon wiil, I promise! Upcoming blogs will include:

– helping with school exams (unbelievable!)
– taking a child to the doctor (not for the fainthearted!)
– tourist spots I’ve visited (great!)
– how I’ve been spending your donated money (dribs and drabs, with a beach outing coming up soon)
– how I met the man of my dreams

Intrigued? Watch this space. 🙂

One Reply to “Upcoming blogs:”

  1. Hi steph; yep im intrigued; do they have telly over there!!!!! JUST KIDDING. Anyhow, I have just read you last three blogs. It seems like you have being gone for ages now. It also sounds like you are starting to get use to the beat of the drum over there some how … yay …. Not much to report here. Weather continues to move towards winter, and the days are getting shorter, or darker earlier, probably hard to imagine when your climate is the extreme at the other end. Keep the posts comming. I do enjoy them. They are such an eye opener, and help me appreciate my own luxeries more.
    Talk soon,
    Sandra 🙂

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