My soulmate

It would be wrong to say that Richard is the man of my dreams because never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would end up with a partner, let alone an African man nearly two decades my junior. I have been very happy on my own for 5 years, during which time I have done a lot of work on myself and come to a place of understanding about who I am. That understanding is what led me to Ghana – a sense of calling and knowing what I have to do. And while I’ve long felt that it would be so much easier if I had someone else who was on the same track, I was all too aware that having a partner who was not on the same track would completely derail my ability to follow my life’s purpose. So I was totally at peace about being single and certainly not on the lookout for anyone while I was here.

But fate had other plans. You may remember the crisis I went through when I felt as though nobody here could be relied upon or trusted, and how I had to come to terms with that and find a way to carry on. The next day I went to Kokrobite beach, where I got talking to a Rastafarian called Richard, who shared his views on life and restored my faith in human nature. We talked for about 6 hours and it was very uplifting for me. That night we danced to a reggae band and it was only then that I suddenly realised that he was not only wise and grounded but gorgeous as well!

So now we are an item. It’s been 3 weeks now and despite my initial horror at embarking on something so unexpected, the more time I spend with Richard the more certain I am that he is the one. I could go on but will stop now for fear of being thought starry eyed and out of touch with reality. Whereas in fact I feel very grounded and that I’m being fully who I am.

I am so blessed! I love my life!

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