Category: Random Acts of Kindness

  • Help on the bridge

    A disabled lady in an electric wheelchair got stuck in a rut while crossing a narrow bridge. She could not go forwards or backwards.  A guy in a big car, possibly a Jaguar, stopped his car on the brow of the bridge and got out to help.  The stuck woman said afterwards, “No idea who […]

  • Kindness at the Supermarket

    Recently I did my weekly grocery shop quite late on a Friday night. Many shoppers were going through the self-checkout area with just a few items, but for those of us with full trolleys, there was only one checkout open, and quite a queue. I noticed the woman in front of me was smiling despite […]

  • Support at the Supermarket

    Keisha writes: “I had to run to the supermarket to pick up a few items. I noticed the woman ahead of me paying with her benefits card begin to put almost two bags of items back on the conveyor belt, while the cashier deducted the items from the total. Her back turned to me, as […]

  • Neighbourly acts of kindness

    Steve writes: “Often, little things make an enormous difference – the lady over the road from me will bring a box of oranges, and eggs from her chickens occasionally, and I am so thankful for that.” Knowing that someone cares enough about you to bring you a gift, is valued even more than the material […]

  • Kindness on the Bus

    Taking the bus recently, I’ve noticed a very positive bus culture. Passengers thank the driver as they leave, while drivers greet passengers and wait until they’re seated before starting to move the bus. Recently a young mother got on, with a small baby in a pram. She parked the pram in the wheelchair/pram section of […]

  • Patience at the supermarket

    Ute wrote in about how simple actions make a difference: In the shopping mall today, it was packed with people with gloomy faces pushing trolleys through the narrow aisles and if everybody would have insisted on having the first go nobody would have gone anywhere. So simply giving way and waiting a few seconds produced […]

  • Unexpected gift from a stranger

    This gem came in from Bryonie: I was the recipient of a random act of kindness the other day. My Fitbit strap broke on Friday night and as I need the watch part for work and I like to know my step count each day, I decided I would have to go and buy a […]

  • Gloves returned

    Many thanks to the young woman who ran after me when I accidentally left my favourite gloves on a park bench. They would have been sorely missed. Thank you for taking the trouble to notice and act. May strangers be just as kind to you.

  • Random Acts of Kindness

    On 1st September, New Zealand celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day, a tradition started in 2005 by Josh de Jong and some friends. After witnessing a road rage incident, Josh thought how good it would be if people could be kind to strangers, even if only for one day of the year. The result was […]

  • A lovely library experience

    Ute from Ngaruawahia sent in this gem: “With all the things computerised, I loved the personal attention I got from our lovely library ladies when I was looking for a special book. They made me feel like a person and we joked and chatted also about stuff that was not related to my search. It’s […]