Returning lost keys

Walking through the car park at Chartwell last week, a friend came across a set of car keys. Although she was late for a meeting, she insisted on turning around and taking the keys back inside to the information desk. It turns out a relative of hers had lost a wallet at Chartwell some time ago and was thrilled that someone had handed it in.

Here’s hoping the owners of the keys were just as thrilled to get them back too.

Cleaning up the community

A group of enthusiastic young girls approached me in Jansen Park recently. They were picking up rubbish, in the hope of encouraging others to “pay it forward” by doing something similar. I was happy to take home the recyclable items they’d collected and put them in my bin. Well done girls – great community spirit.

A good Samaritan

Murray, one of the stage managers at the Parachute Festival, was heading home at 1.30am after the first long day, when he saw a woman standing by a car outside the gates. Clearly she was waiting for someone who hadn’t turned up.

Although extremely tired, Murray stopped to help. He took the woman onto the festival site to search for the missing person and helped her make contact with security guards, who eventually found him wandering, lost, looking for the designated meeting place. Cheers, Murray – a real Good Samaritan.

Sharing good fortune

This week I heard about a man who was lucky enough to win a trolley full of groceries. Rather than keep them for himself, he kindly shared out his winnings with friends and colleagues. One woman, thrilled to receive two boxes of goodies from this thoughtful man, immediately decided to pass on some of them to an elderly neighbour.

A wonderful story of spreading happiness by passing on good fortune.

Stepping in

Recently I heard a man tell of the difference it made when he and his wife performed an act of kindness in their neighbourhood. For some months they had been hearing the woman across the road yelling at her kids. The yelling had got worse since her husband had gone to prison.

One evening the angry shouting was particularly bad. Concerned about the safety of the children, the man sat at his window thinking about whether to call Child Youth and Family. Then he made a decision. Instead of picking up the phone, he walked across the road to offer help to the woman. To his surprise, his wife had made the same decision and was crossing the road at the same time.

A tearful discussion followed and things calmed down. The woman had been feeling desperate and was grateful for some support. Since then, the family have been far more settled, the children’s behaviour has improved and they are regular visitors at the house across the road.

Craft Fair

A young woman I know was reading an advertisement for the recent Craft Fair held in Hamilton. It occurred to her that her friend’s mother was an avid craft fan and would undoubtedly love to go along, but probably couldn’t afford it. This was sad, since this friend’s mother was always doing things for other people and had recently moved towns in order to help out with her grandchildren.

Quite spontaneously, the young woman decided to ring her friend and offer to pay for her mother to go to the Craft Fair and have lunch while she was there. The friend’s mother was absolutely rapt when her daughter told her of the offer. It turned out she had been wistfully looking at the ads for the Fair and circling the seminars she’d love to attend if only she could find the money. This act of kindness brought joy to both giver and receiver; the young woman who made the offer was delighted that her simple act had caused so much happiness.

Generosity of Friends

The following comes from Jo Robertson:

Recently my second son was graduating from university in Dunedin. I wanted to attend with my three other children to celebrate with him. However, I live in Hamilton and was concerned about the expense of travelling there and accommodation costs for us all.

Wonderfully, the trip was made possible through the generosity and kindness of various friends who, among other things, lent us their car and offered us places to stay along the way. We also received other forms of encouragement and support. Each person’s contribution helped create a special family time – for which we are all extremely grateful.