Tips to cheer yourself up

Today I’m going to share 15 tips for cheering yourself up when you’re feeling down. But first, a word of caution. They can only work if you truly want to be cheered up, and believe you deserve it.

Often we harbour secret beliefs that prevent us from allowing happiness into our lives. Beliefs like: I don’t deserve happiness; I shouldn’t be happy because so-and-so isn’t ; or even: It’s so-and-so’s fault I’m unhappy and I want to show just how miserable they’ve made me. (If you’re struggling with beliefs like these, please contact me for suggestions.)

Cheering yourself up is taking responsibility for your own wellbeing. It means that however difficult your circumstances right now, you know you will cope better by being kind to yourself.

With that mindset, you’ll no doubt think up many ideas of your own, but here are some starters:

1) Music that expresses how you feel – sad, angry or loud.
2) Peaceful or cheerful music to lift your mood.
3) An absorbing book or movie to take your mind off things.
4) A funny movie to make you laugh.
5) Look up jokes on the net.
6) Go for a ‘mindful walk’, noticing your surroundings.
7) Try a new recipe – something exotic and spicy.
8) Contact an old friend.
9) Get some exercise – especially if you don’t feel like it!
10) Write a thank you card to someone who’s helped you in the past.
11) Draw or paint, experiment with colour.
12) Make the most of the sun whenever it shines on these winter days.
13) Bring nature indoors – rocks, leaves, wildflowers – and enjoy the beauty.
14) Go to the beach, even if it’s cold.
15) Spend time with children and let them decide on the activity.

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