A peaceful home – a recipe for happiness

This week I’ve been reminded of the importance of a happy home, especially in times of stress.

We can transcend virtually any difficulty if we can temporarily get away from the stress to reflect on our situation. Home can be the best place for this. However, sometimes instead we take out our frustrations on those closest to us, creating even more distress at home.

Research shows that constant daily irritations can reduce happiness to a greater degree than single events. The unhappiest people are those in unhappy relationships; and the success of relationships depends on how couples habitually relate to one another.

So how can you keep things peaceful at home when you’re feeling stressed? Try these:

– Find some alone time each day. Go for a walk if there’s nowhere else to go.
– Leave your troubles at the door before you go inside.
– Deep cleansing breaths.
– Exercise. (A brisk walk is great when you feel like screaming.)
– Face your difficulties head-on, rather than let them hang over you unresolved.
– Plan fun things to do with your partner / family.
– Be grateful for the people you live with and remember what you love about them.
– Tune into your Higher Self. Try to operate from this level.
– When you feel like snapping at someone, check in with yourself:
o What are you really upset about?
o Will your next remark make things better or worse?
– Forgive yourself for getting it wrong sometimes.

A peaceful home is a recipe for happiness. Make it a gift to yourself and your loved ones.


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