Craft Fair

A young woman I know was reading an advertisement for the recent Craft Fair held in Hamilton. It occurred to her that her friend’s mother was an avid craft fan and would undoubtedly love to go along, but probably couldn’t afford it. This was sad, since this friend’s mother was always doing things for other people and had recently moved towns in order to help out with her grandchildren.

Quite spontaneously, the young woman decided to ring her friend and offer to pay for her mother to go to the Craft Fair and have lunch while she was there. The friend’s mother was absolutely rapt when her daughter told her of the offer. It turned out she had been wistfully looking at the ads for the Fair and circling the seminars she’d love to attend if only she could find the money. This act of kindness brought joy to both giver and receiver; the young woman who made the offer was delighted that her simple act had caused so much happiness.

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