Stepping in

Recently I heard a man tell of the difference it made when he and his wife performed an act of kindness in their neighbourhood. For some months they had been hearing the woman across the road yelling at her kids. The yelling had got worse since her husband had gone to prison.

One evening the angry shouting was particularly bad. Concerned about the safety of the children, the man sat at his window thinking about whether to call Child Youth and Family. Then he made a decision. Instead of picking up the phone, he walked across the road to offer help to the woman. To his surprise, his wife had made the same decision and was crossing the road at the same time.

A tearful discussion followed and things calmed down. The woman had been feeling desperate and was grateful for some support. Since then, the family have been far more settled, the children’s behaviour has improved and they are regular visitors at the house across the road.

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