Don’t give up

A reader wanted to share this story:

Some time after Frank got home from busking at the farmer’s market, he noticed that his glasses had fallen out of his pocket. He searched everywhere at home, without success. With prompting from his wife he decided to go back and look where he’d been busking. Sure enough, in the now empty parking lot near where he’d been playing, he saw something gleaming. His glasses were lying there undamaged.

Moral: Don’t give up looking for a misplaced item. If you believe it can be found, chances are it will be.

Sharing good fortune

This week I heard about a man who was lucky enough to win a trolley full of groceries. Rather than keep them for himself, he kindly shared out his winnings with friends and colleagues. One woman, thrilled to receive two boxes of goodies from this thoughtful man, immediately decided to pass on some of them to an elderly neighbour.

A wonderful story of spreading happiness by passing on good fortune.