Happiness and singing

You might’ve noticed that you’re more likely to sing in the shower when you’re happy, but did you know that regular singing actually makes you happier?

Research conducted in Australia, Germany and the UK in 2008 showed that members of choirs tend to be far more satisfied with their lives than the average person.

The act of singing has been shown to stimulate circulation, improve lung function and release endorphins to boost mood. But it seems it’s the act of singing in a group that brings about the greatest sense of satisfaction. The experience of connecting and harmonising with others creates a sense of wellbeing that goes beyond the benefits of singing alone.

In the Australian sample, 51% of the choristers had long term health problems – more than twice the national average – and yet 98% rated their quality of life as good or excellent and 81% were satisfied or very satisfied with their health.

So if you’re looking for a life change to boost your happiness level, the answer’s simple – join a choir.

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