September 1st is Random Acts of Kindness Day! This is a wonderful excuse to be kind to a stranger or do some unexpected favour for a neighbour, friend or workmate.

RAK day was started in New Zealand in 2004 when Josh de Jong sat in a cafe watching an incident of road rage and thought how good it would be if a day was allocated for people to be nice to each other. He and friend Marshall Grey set up the RAK Foundation, aimed at promoting the day and distributing acts of kindness throughout the year.

For a list of possible things you can do on RAK day, visit their website www.rak.co.nz. And if being nice to a random stranger feels awkward, you can download a “You’ve been RAK’d” card to explain your bizarre behaviour.

Don’t forget to email me about any acts of kindness you experience, so that other readers can hear about them too!

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