Kindness is all around

I have been in my current job and geographical location for a year, so have got to know a few people but not made a lot of close friends. Recently I have been suffering from overwork and found myself feeling very low in energy and enthusiasm. Part of the stress involved the fact that I live at work.

To my surprise and delight, a number of people immediately offered help and support. One person offered a couple of relaxing reflexology sessions and the use of her flat on my days off. Another person, whom I hadn’t even met, offered a weekend in her caravan at the beach whenever I like. Another said I could use her lovely home while she was at work. It seems some people talked amongst themselves about how they might help, and someone arranged to take me out and let me talk if I wanted to. Today another person offered me a place to house sit over Christmas.

Someone else came in to work on her day off so that I wouldn’t have to. And several people keep putting on a mock commanding tone as they tell me bossily to stop working so hard.

I could easily have dismissed these offers and continued to feel sorry for myself, but I choose to be deeply grateful to all those people who have shown that they care.

And here are some more random acts of kindness in photo form:

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