A bad day?

Today, after taking a client to a medical centre with a workmate, I came home and couldn’t find my bag. I searched all over the place, then from the work phone I called my colleague (who was on his way home) to see if he had seen it. He hadn’t.

My keys and phone were in my bag, so I was locked out of my flat, and couldn’t text anyone. It was afternoon and I was hungry. This looked like being one of those days.

But my work colleague offered to take a detour via the medical centre to see if my bag was there. While I waited I was able to pop into the house next door, where two lovely ladies entertained me with conversation and gave me tea and Christmas cake. I used their phone to contact the medical centre, who confirmed that they had the bag and were just handing it to my workmate.

I am extremely grateful to the people who turned a potentially bad day into an experience of receiving kindness.


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