Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

by Marci Shimoff, with Carol Kline

Being truly happy means: having a sense of lightness or buoyancy; feeling alive, vital, energetic; having a sense of flow, openness; feeling love and compassion for yourself and others; having passion about your life purpose; feeling gratitude, forgiveness; being at peace with life and being fully present in the moment.

After interviewing 100 truly happy people, Marci Shimoff distilled their wisdom into 7 clear steps that anyone can take towards becoming deeply content, no matter what life brings. Marci’s excitement at what she found shines through in her vibrant style. The book is easy to read, nicely laid out and punctuated with cartoons. Each step is backed up by research and brought to life with real-life stories. There’s also a free 28-page companion workbook available online.

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