The Values-Driven Organization                 

The Values-Driven Organization. Cultural Health and Employee Wellbeing as a Pathway to Sustainable Performance. by Richard Barrett

We’ve all worked in organisations where we wish that management would do a better job: treating workers fairly, appreciating us more and generally trusting us to do our job well. Even better is a workplace where we can fulfil our sense of purpose, using our strengths and enthusiasm to make the world a better place. Using an extended model of Maslow’s hierarchy of psychological needs, along with the Seven Levels of Consciousness model, Richard Barrett has devised a practical method for evaluating how well organisations are doing in bringing out the best in their employees. Once evaluated, managers can be coached to eliminate the problems – which he calls Cultural Entropy – to create organisations that are vibrant, successful and great to work for.

I was delighted to find a model that can take those intangible qualities that we all know to be important and translate them into practical steps that even the most output-focussed bean-counting management teams can buy into. This is more of a textbook than an easy read, but very inspiring.

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