Helping to find his way home

A reader writes:

“I was chatting to one of the Mums at school pick up and she was telling me how she was approached in the supermarket car park by an elderly man who was very confused and didn’t know where he was. He had driven in his car quite some distance and got lost. She helped him by calling his daughter on his mobile phone and asking her where he lived. She then put her Google maps on and drove to the man’s house, which was about 30 minutes away, and the man followed her in his car.

When I said how nice it was for her to have done that, she said, “He approached me, so it was up to me to help him. What else could I have done?” It struck me then that we don’t all have to do amazing things every day, just the right thing when we’re called upon to do so. It’s about taking responsibility when something like that is put in your lap.”

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