Category: Enhancing joy

  • Other People Can Be So Annoying!

    You’ve probably noticed that other people can be a real pain at times. Interfering, making too much noise, demanding, whining, doing a sloppy job, messing things up, wanting their own way – other people can find a million ways to get under our skin. Yet before we react to them, we must look to ourselves […]

  • Who do you think you’re talking to?

    Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the fact that we are so connected with one another that even in our private moments we are not islands. Our thoughts are always directed at someone – we think to a virtual listener, just as we speak to an audience with our speech. In a way, thoughts […]

  • Start with the physical

    Recently I’ve found myself sinking into negativity, getting irritated with people and their perceived stupidity and thoughtlessness and especially their negativity. Of course, it’s not that people have suddenly got more stupid or unkind. The problem is that I am lacking energy, which means I also lack patience and find it harder to be understanding. […]

  • Make happiness a habit

    You know how to be happy – you’ve done it many times. So why not do it more often? To make happiness a way of life, you need routines that promote happiness. You can’t sustain physical fitness from one vigorous work-out; nor can you maintain happiness by doing something about it just once. Happiness-promoting routines […]

  • Getting through the hard times

    Can we be happy when bad things happen in our lives? Is it even appropriate? First of all, let’s define what we mean by ‘bad things’. Often, the things we get upset about are really only molehills that we make into mountains. Ask yourself: “In a years’ time, will this still matter?” If the answer […]

  • Happiness and singing

    You might’ve noticed that you’re more likely to sing in the shower when you’re happy, but did you know that regular singing actually makes you happier? Research conducted in Australia, Germany and the UK in 2008 showed that members of choirs tend to be far more satisfied with their lives than the average person. The […]

  • New Year’s Resolutions

    Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Broken them yet? If so, I’m sure you’re not alone. Most resolutions are practically set up to fail, because they’re not made in the spirit of self-love and acceptance. Instead, they come from the perspective that we are inherently bad and need to impose control on ourselves. I’ll […]

  • Don’t give up

    A reader wanted to share this story: Some time after Frank got home from busking at the farmer’s market, he noticed that his glasses had fallen out of his pocket. He searched everywhere at home, without success. With prompting from his wife he decided to go back and look where he’d been busking. Sure enough, […]

  • Compassion makes me happy

    “I am happy when in spite of the ills of the planet and of those close to me I still have the capacity to feel compassion for others. To live without compassion is a one way journey to a lonely place.” ~ Beryl Fletcher Congratulations to Beryl Fletcher, whose response to the question: “What makes […]

  • A peaceful home – a recipe for happiness

    This week I’ve been reminded of the importance of a happy home, especially in times of stress. We can transcend virtually any difficulty if we can temporarily get away from the stress to reflect on our situation. Home can be the best place for this. However, sometimes instead we take out our frustrations on those […]