Category: Workplace happiness

  • Pink Shirt Attitude in Action

    In 2007, two Canadian high school students noticed a new boy getting bullied for wearing a pink shirt. They dealt with the situation in a most creative way, buying up a load of cheap pink shirts and messaging all their friends, so that the next day the school was a sea of pink. Pink Shirt […]

  • Happiness at (insert name of…) Your Workplace

    This half-day workshop gives an overview of happiness research and why happiness is important at work. Practical exercises are used to infuse participants’ own work with meaning and fulfilment, and to generate ideas to lift workplace cheerfulness. Content can be tailored to your unique work situation. Contact us to find out more, or to order […]

  • Humour at Work

    Isn’t it uplifting when you work alongside someone with a sense of humour! Some people have a natural gift for making you laugh at just the right moment; others are great at appreciating humour, sharing cartoons and lightening the mood with their laughter. (Of course, I’m talking here about upbeat or silly humour, not the […]

  • Staying upbeat despite the moaners

    Two long term studies of couples showed that partners’ happiness scores tend to become more similar over time.  That’s not surprising, but what’s alarming is that it’s the happier one whose mood declines to match their partner’s, while the more miserable person remains relatively stable. Many of us have probably experienced this at work too, […]

  • Nature, nurture or circumstance?

    At New Year we often think about changes we’d like to make in our lives. To do so, we need to believe that we are not destined to stay the same forever. In other words, we need to have a ‘growth mindset.’ If you believe that people are born either good or bad at something […]

  • Encourage the Changes You’d Like to See

    Puppy training courses emphasise the importance of rewarding the behaviours that you want your dog to do more of; a focus markedly more effective than simply punishing unwanted behaviours. Once the dog has learned what’s expected, it doesn’t need a ‘treat’ every time, but an approving nod or pat will let your pet know that […]

  • Workplace culture includes you!

    What makes the difference between a job you love and one you hate? Research has shown that while low salary and poor working conditions can lower your job satisfaction, the things that make you feel good about work are not the material things but the human factors. Recognition, responsibility and believing that you are doing […]