The sense in humour

Don’t you love being around people with a sense of humour?

Some people seem to have the natural gift of finding something to laugh about, even when things look glum. Being around funny people helps us to take life a little less seriously.

Humour not only lifts our mood – it also changes our perspective. To see the funny side of something, you have to be standing in a different place, figuratively speaking. Instead of feeling stuck or weighed down, you’re like a fly on the wall, able to see what’s going on without being personally affected.

Comedy acts often centre around situations that are very familiar to us – the more we recognise the situation, the more we laugh. Humour has us seeing these situations from a new angle. Often what we’re really laughing at is ourselves and our human foibles.

Humour is infectious, which is why we love being around funny people. So if you don’t have a comedian in your midst, try watching funny movies or reading jokes – and become a joy germ yourself.


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