Start with the physical

Recently I’ve found myself sinking into negativity, getting irritated with people and their perceived stupidity and thoughtlessness and especially their negativity. Of course, it’s not that people have suddenly got more stupid or unkind. The problem is that I am lacking energy, which means I also lack patience and find it harder to be understanding.

I have been working hard and long hours, and forgetting the self care that is so essential to my wellbeing. Eating well, exercise, sunshine, fresh air and plenty of sleep – these are all physical factors that help us to stay on top, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And of course, socially. It is so much easier to accept other people in all their imperfection, and even find their little quirks endearing, when we are feeling physically strong.

So it’s back to basics. It’s good to remember that when you are feeling low, the simplest answer is to start with the physical. Then the rest can start to take care of itself.

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