Absent-mindedness twice over

A friend of mine, who wishes to remain nameless, popped into my workplace recently to look for something that might have been left there. The item was not to be found. As she was leaving, my friend realised that she was no longer wearing the sunglasses she had had on when she walked in. She retraced her steps, but couldn’t find them.

I noticed a pair of sunglasses lying near where she had been looking, so I pointed them out to her. She picked them up and studied them. “No, they’re not mine,” she said. She kept looking, but ended up leaving without her sunnies on.

Later that day I texted her to say that my workmates were all surprised to see the sunglasses that had turned up at work. Nobody had seen them before. Was she sure they weren’t hers?

Rather sheepishly she replied that she had found her sunglasses back at her own workplace. When she came to see me she must have been wearing somebody else’s glasses by accident!

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