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  • Learned Optimism workshop

    Optimism is good for your health and protects you from depression. Martin Seligman discovered that optimism involves a particular way of thinking that can be learned. This workshop includes practical exercises to help consolidate optimistic thinking patterns. Contact us to order the workshop for your workplace.

  • Harmonise Your Team

    Do you wish your work team could function more effectively? Would you love to see the team culture bringing out the best in each person? Synergy is where working together becomes so much greater than the sum of individual contributions. Happy Nation can gently smooth out the wrinkles in your workplace relationships and inspire a […]

  • The Psychology of Luck workshop

    Why do some people constantly experience good luck, while others don’t? Richard Wiseman found that much of it comes down to the habits that lucky people cultivate, which invite opportunities into their lives. In this workshop, learn and practice the 12 habits that invite good fortune. If you would like to hold this workshop in […]

  • Be Happier at Work: Online course

    Are you ready to take your co-operation skills to the next level and unlock the key to true job satisfaction and pleasure? This short course is open to anyone from any workplace. Thursdays 2, 9, 23 and 30 November 4 x 2hour sessions 9am – 11am

  • The Art and Science of Happiness

    This half-day workplace-based workshop is a great opportunity for a team to come together to enhance individual and workplace happiness. You’ll learn the science behind factors that increase happiness and there’ll be opportunities to come up with your own ideas for lifting your spirits at work and in life generally. The workshop is informative, interactive […]

  • Happiness in Your Workplace – A workshop for the whole team!

    If you’d like to lift the mood in the place where you work, this half-day workshop is something you could suggest to your boss. After all, a happier workforce is a more productive workforce, not to mention the increases in co-operation and creativity. This workshop gives an overview of happiness research and why happiness is […]

  • Happy Nation Motivational Groups

    Change is hard. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get fit, save money, manage your time or be more spontaneous, old habits and situations can get in the way. A Happy Nation Motivational Group can help you turn your positive intentions into real success. In small groups of four to five people, we explore what […]

  • Happiness Consultation

    A Happiness Consultation is a 1 ½ hour session that includes: 1) an evaluation of your happiness levels in various life spheres 2) identifying your areas of strength and of dissatisfaction 3) A personalised plan for improving your overall life satisfaction Usual cost per session: $85 Special discount rate: $45 for the month of January