Happy Nation Motivational Groups

Change is hard. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get fit, save money, manage your time or be more spontaneous, old habits and situations can get in the way.

A Happy Nation Motivational Group can help you turn your positive intentions into real success. In small groups of four to five people, we explore what helps and what gets in the way of change, be it external factors or your own thought patterns. With a focus on practical application, we help you clarify your aims and put your plans in place, providing an appreciative audience for your successes. It’s fun, positive and easier than trying to go it alone!

Week 1 – Getting started.

Week 2 – Overcoming obstacles

Week 3 – Celebrating successes

Week 4 – On a roll

Week 8 – Check-in and fine tuning

Watch this space for upcoming groups in the Hawkes Bay and Waikato.

Happiness Consultation

A Happiness Consultation is a 1 ½ hour session that includes:

1) an evaluation of your happiness levels in various life spheres
2) identifying your areas of strength and of dissatisfaction
3) A personalised plan for improving your overall life satisfaction

Usual cost per session: $85
Special discount rate: $45 for the month of January