Happy Nation is based on two basic ideas

  1. Focuss­ing on what makes us ha­ppy can bring us to great­er heights of joy and ful­fil­ment than focuss­ing sole­ly on the prob­lems we wish to sol­ve. This is the phil­os­ophy in­her­ent in Pos­itive Psych­ol­ogy.
  2. Happi­ness, like any other emo­tion­al sta­te, is not an isol­ated phen­om­enon – it aff­ects, and is aff­ect­ed by, the peo­ple arou­nd us. To rea­ch ful­fil­ment we must work to­wards en­hanc­ing the happi­ness of all, us­ing love, comp­ass­ion and grati­tude. This so­cial happi­ness phil­os­ophy is con­sis­tent with the prin­ci­ples of Deep Eco­logy.

Stephanie Hills has thirty years' experience working with people in distress, both as a social worker and a counsellor.

A large part of her work has comprised using narrative and art therapy to help people move on from depression. While still helping people facing difficulties, Stephanie's work has broadened to include the promotion and enhancement of individual and social happiness.

Using the principles of Positive Psychology and Deep Ecology, she assists individuals and groups to improve their functioning in various life spheres, taking into account the social, cultural, economic and environmental context of people's lives.

Be careful who you trust

Recently I decided to self-publish a novel I wrote before I went overseas. As a published author already, I am aware of the scam run by a lot of so-called ‘self-publishing’ companies. What these companies do is charge the author a large sum to help them design and print their book. They set the price of the book and take a commission on the books sold. The reason an author might sign up for such a deal rather than do the design and printing themselves, is the opportunity to be marketed by a large international company. Apparently some major publishing houses have set up ‘self-publishing’ branches, trading on the good name of the main company.

The scam is, the company has no vested interest in marketing or selling your book. They make their profits from the authors themselves. Many authors find themselves trapped into deals where they have to keep making payments for so-called ‘services’. If their book makes it into print, the marketing involves simply listing the book on a few websites.

Although I was aware of this scam, I was naïve enough to believe that someone with a good name – a person known for their contribution to society – would not stoop to this kind of dishonesty and using people in this way.

When I saw that Hay House, the publishing company of LOUISE HAY, was offering self-publishing help for writers of uplifting books, I became interested. Although cautious, and put off by the haranguing phone calls at inconvenient times from a hard-sell American woman, I put my trust in the Louise Hay name.

After I allowed them to take over $550 from my credit card, simply for the privilege of being able to read the contract, I read some absolute horror stories about this company and told them I would not go ahead. The agreement had stipulated that if an author pulled out before submitting their work, they would get a refund, minus $225 I admin fees. Otherwise two more payments of $550+ would be taken out at monthly intervals.

Interestingly now that I have pulled out, the phone calls have stopped and nobody is answering my emails. I have received no refund and I realise I will have to cancel my credit card before they help themselves to more money from it.

It seems I was wrong to put my trust in the Louise Hay name. This is absolutely a scam.

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In my day…

When I was young we walked six miles to school every day, sometimes trudging in thick snow with schoolbags full of heavy books. Boy, did we feel silly when we found out there was a bus!

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Happy Nation Motivational Groups

Change is hard. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get fit, save money, manage your time or be more spontaneous, old habits and situations can get in the way.

A Happy Nation Motivational Group can help you turn your positive intentions into real success. In small groups of four to five people, we explore what helps and what gets in the way of change, be it external factors or your own thought patterns. With a focus on practical application, we help you clarify your aims and put your plans in place, providing an appreciative audience for your successes. It’s fun, positive and easier than trying to go it alone!

Week 1 – Getting started.

Week 2 – Overcoming obstacles

Week 3 – Celebrating successes

Week 4 – On a roll

Week 8 – Check-in and fine tuning

Watch this space for upcoming groups in the Hawkes Bay and Waikato.

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